Study in the UK


UK Education Advisory

We provide education consultancy service to international students, offering professional advice and guidance on UK educational institution admission (GCSE, sixth form schools, colleges and universities), course selection, application process, timeframe and etc. We invite our students to meet with members of institutions face-to-face at our open days and seminars on a regular basis.

We designed our own student scoring test to assess every student’s academic background so as to analyse their strengths and weaknesses more precisely. After conducting thorough research and liaising with institutions, our education consultant will draw up a personal study plan based on each individual’s case and will discuss the proposed university and course options with each student and parents (if student is under 18 years old), advise on the entry requirements, specialities, ranking, course fee of each institution and explain the application process.

To help our Clients to be well prepared for their school applications, academic interviews and English Proficiency Tests, we designed one-to-one based trainings sessions and mock exercises to help our Clients to get used to the exam style as well as to build-up confidence for their brand new studies.

British Summer School. Break-term Programs

BritChance has strong education network. Over the years, we have built-up and maintained excellent relationships with a number of top-tier UK schools and higher education institutions. Currently we are mainly focusing on developing the summer school courses and summer/winter camps programs with some of the prestigious UK private schools such as Eton College, Charterhouse School, Tonbridge School and etc..

Our aim is to provide young age students with the opportunity to gain the best experience of world-class overseas education & facilities as well as to gain invaluable western culture appreciation during their holidays.


International Student Recruitment

We have strong student network across Hong Kong, Taiwan, as well as the mainland China. We work closely with our sub-agents, partner institutions, education training groups and firms across major cities in the Greater China Region.

We attend various education fairs in both China and the UK, conduct our own open days and educational events to provide our students and their parents with the opportunities to have face-to-face meetings with members from the UK institutions (including GCSE, sixth form schools, colleges and universities) so as to help them to have a better understanding of the schools and the courses available for them to choose.

Our goal is to help more and more international students to find their ideal schools and universities in the UK and to make their dreams become true.


Student Support Services

Student support services form an important and essential part of our services. From our prospective, we have discovered that the majority of overseas students need proper guidance and detailed information about living and studying overseas before or just after they arrive in the UK.

To help our students to adapt to their life in the UK much smoothly and efficiently, we provide seminars and trainings, in particular during June to August and during December to January before each semester starts, to help our students to be well planned for their study and life in the UK.

The seminars and trainings cover the following factors:

  • British culture
  • UK school & university campus life
  • Airport pick-up & public transportation
  • Local transportation & driving
  • Everyday groceries and lifestyle
  • Health & wellness, UK NHS Introduction
  • Travel and tourist attractions
  • Emergency & accident handling procedure

In addition, we also provide airport pick-up and student accommodation services to ensure all of our Clients are well looked after.