Culture-Exchange Programs & Events Management


We offer various events, exhibitions and programs to match our Clients’ interests focusing on education, career, finance and investment relatedsectors.

i. British Summer School, Break-term Programs

Thanks to our strong education network, we have built up and maintained excellent relationships with a number of top-tier UK schools and higher education institutions. Currently we are mainly focusing on developing the summer school courses and summer/winter camps programs with some of the prestigious UK private schools such as Eton College, Charterhouse School, Tonbridge School and etc.

Our aim is to provide young age students with the opportunity to gain the best experience of world-class overseas education & facilities as well as to gain invaluable western culture appreciation during their holidays.

ii. UK-China Job Fairs & Career Exhibitions

We work closely with our overseas partners including global recruitment agencies, leading Chinese law firms and enterprises to organise job fairs in both China and the UK with the view to recruit more talented graduates and job seekers. Benefit from our strong relationship with UK universities and Chinese student societies, we are confident to promote the recruitment information to not only the Chinese community but also to anyone who is passionate about the Chinese culture and is looking for opportunities to work in China.

iii. Galleries and Art Exhibitions

BritChance offers planning and organising services for independent artists and designers to prepare their art galleries, exhibitions and shows in the UK. From generating initial ideas to developing them into wonderful events, we know what the press and public are looking for. We work collaboratively with leading public relation firms and multimedia companies to ensure that our Clients’ events are attended by their targeted group of clients and will achieve the best result. No matter our Clients want to impress with a sophisticated, glamorous evening at their next store opening, or launch their next fashion line at a secret urban warehouse, we can organise and execute anything with precision, style and flair.

iv. Business Conferences

BritChance offers a number of UK business visiting and conference packages for visitors who wish to attend business meetings, conferences and education exhibitions in the UK. Our team will carefully plan the travel itinerary, arrange comfortable accommodations, and organise the conference or trainings for our business Clients with the best price.